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Emdeon Enterprise ICD-10 Frequently Asked Questions

Emdeon's Enterprise ICD-10 FAQ offers our customers insight into Emdeon's Program approach to ensuring its ICD-10 readiness. Product Specific ICD-10 FAQs are available below under Product Downloads.

  • Emdeon ICD-10 FAQs

    Emdeon ICD-10 Program Playbook

    Emdeon's ICD-10 Playbook offers our customers an in-depth look at Emdeon's ICD-10 strategy.

  • Emdeon ICD-10 Program Playbook (Updated 08-04-2014)
  • Emdeon ICD-10 White Paper

  • Emdeon Whitepaper Best Practices for Transitioning to ICD-10

  • Emdeon ICD-10 Webinars

  • Emdeon ICD-10 Program Update for Channel Partners
  • Transitioning to ICD-10: Maintaining Momentum
  • Emdeon ICD-10 Product Downloads

  • Chamberlin Edmonds Eligibility and Enrollment Services
  • Emdeon Advanced Claiming Conversion
  • Emdeon Claim Master®
  • Emdeon Clearinghouse
  • Emdeon Clinical Exchange
  • Emdeon Dental Batch Claims
  • Emdeon Equiclaim Audit and Recovery
  • Emdeon FVT Paper-to-EDI Conversion
  • Emdeon Pharmacy DME and Immunization Processing Services
  • Emdeon Office Suite
  • Emdeon Paper-to-EDI Conversion
  • Emdeon Patient Access Services
  • Emdeon Pharmacy Network Services
  • TC3 Health
  • Emdeon Transform HealthClaim Expert
  • Medicare Testing Results

  • Medicare ICD-10 Testing Week - March 3-7, 2014
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