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Change Healthcare knows how important it is to help educate the industry about the latest healthcare trends and interpret what it all means. Through years of experience, Change Healthcare has gathered extensive knowledge and insight into revenue cycle best practices, tips and tricks for improving cash flow and efficiency, and even what's on the horizon. That's why Change Healthcare's thought leaders are some of the most highly regarded speakers in the industry.

Change Healthcare's knowledgeable leaders are available to speak at your local, regional or national event on a broad range of topics. Don't see the topic you're looking for? Change Healthcare is glad to work with you on a specific topic you have in mind or work to customize and tailor speaking engagements to meet your chapter's needs.

Change Healthcare topics include:

Patient Access Management

  • Creating a proactive financial profile prior to patient arrival to increase up-front payments and reduce bad debt
  • Best practices in automated eligibility verification
  • Transparency in healthcare: patient responsibility estimation
  • Strategies for optimizing patient access to eliminate misdiagnosing undiscovered eligibility as self-pay
  • Best practices in eligibility screening and enrollment

Claims Management

  • Strategies to accelerate and maximize claims payments
  • Improving claims acceptance rates through automation
  • Best practices in claims management
  • Proactive denial management strategies to increase cash flow and maximize reimbursements
  • Automating the denial management process

Electronic Remittance & Payment Management

  • Best practices for moving to electronic payment with electronic funds transfer and electronic remittance advice
  • Strategies for paper to 835 conversion to eliminate all paper reimbursement payments
  • Best practices in remittance and payment management for today and tomorrow
  • Increasing efficiencies with technology: automatic posting tools for the revenue cycle

Patient Billing & Payment

  • Strategies for increasing patient adoption of online payment
  • Transparency in healthcare: Patient Friendly Billing®
  • Best practices in creating an integrated patient billing and payment strategy
  • Improving patient communications through statement inserts

Healthcare Industry Trends

  • HIPAA 5010
  • Healthcare public policy
  • HIT in the next five years: the technology convergence
  • Accountable Care Organization - What it means for you

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