Emdeon Assistant Web™

With the continued rise in consumer-directed and high-deductible health plans, as well as the growing self-pay population, more responsibility is falling on your patients to pay their portion of healthcare costs prior to the actual time of service. Emdeon Assistant Web is a suite of integrated Patient Access workflow tools that simplify the collection and validation of patient information, leading to a more effective patient financial record during--or even before--registration. Proactively establishing a financial record for patients helps providers reduce the risk of bad debt, denied claims, payer underpayments and can also help to more easily forecast charity care, strengthening the revenue cycle from the front end to mitigate back-end reimbursement and payment challenges.

Emdeon Assistant Web is a cloud-based solution that interfaces with most Hospital Information Systems and Practice Management Systems. Managing servers, installations and upgrades can be a real headache, not to mention a real burden on your wallet. Assistant Web will help you lower IT involvement and decrease cost of ownership. This web-based solution gives you anytime, anywhere access from a compatible browser, easy-to-access consolidated reporting across all facilities and allows easy benchmarking and communications with peers--both locally and nation-wide--for organizations with similar patient volumes and specialties.

Configurable to industry best practices, Emdeon Assistant Web enables you to establish a patient financial profile and verify eligibility and benefits information prior to a patient's scheduled visit, upon entrance to your facility, post release and 30 days out. From there, Assistant Web can non-discriminately assess address validation, healthcare risk score and estimated income. Emdeon Assistant Web has the tools needed to financially triage your patients, helping to ensure full payment and an accelerated revenue cycle upfront to effectively address reimbursements and patient payments, and to help improve your bottom line.

With Emdeon Assistant Web you can:

Verify eligibility and benefits quicker. Access important coverage details quicker with our enhanced payer response format in real-time.

Simplify your workflow. Manage by exception and create custom work queues for the transactions you use most often.

Forget address validation. Automatically identify mailing addresses for your patient guarantors.

Automate pre-authorizations. Recognize accounts that require pre-authorizations and add them to a work list.

Confirm Medical Necessity. Easily identify which procedures are considered “unnecessary” by Medicare.

Check your patients’ propensity to pay. Receive a “likelihood to pay” score and determine the most appropriate care options for the patient.

Estimate your patients’ responsibility easily and accurately. Assist in the collection of the patient’s responsibility and co-pay up front and reduce bad debt write offs.

Collect payment when and where it’s most convenient for you and your patients. Take patient payments anywhere—front office, back office, online or over the phone; anytime—during scheduling, at registration, time of service or check out; and any method—cash, check, money order, credit card, debit card, eCheck and ACH.

Reduce the risk of denials through Registration Quality Assurance. Identify errors in registration records before they impact your cash flow and other revenue cycle processes.

Access reports. Provide easy-to-use reports that help you analyze all aspects of the registration process, helping you identify areas for improvement, so that you can increase efficiencies and reduce costs.

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