Emdeon CareComm®

Gaps. Closed.

Emdeon Clinical Exchange CareComm provides your provider customers with real-time alerts for identifying potential gaps in care. With access to more than 2,600 clinical Evidence Based rules and the ability to customize those rules to fit your population health needs, your providers will receive clinical information than can enable better outcomes for your members and betters results for your business.

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  • Real-time member and beneficiary specific messaging delivered to practice management systems and EHR's.
  • Over 2600 clinical Evidence Based rules, including the ability to customize
  • Uses your existing infrastructure and processes

Emdeon CareComm can help you:

Identify Gaps and Alert Providers
Emdeon Clinical Exchange CareComm alerts you and your providers in real-time to potential gaps in care through existing workflows, enabling better outcomes for your members and beneficiaries; and better results for your business.

Reduce variance in practice
Through consistent use of evidence-based medicine guidelines, Emdeon Clinical Exchange CareComm can help you reduce practice variance, and can result in lower costs and better outcomes among members and beneficiaries.

Get quick results
Emdeon Clinical Exchange’s Software as a Service (SaaS) architecture can leverage your existing systems and processes resulting in quicker implementation for less than you might expect.

Why Emdeon

We drive insight.
With robust analytical capabilities, Emdeon can help you identify gaps in care, improve care collaboration and drive outcomes-supporting patient centered medical home, accountable care and quality-based reimbursement initiatives.

We can lower financial risks.
Because Emdeon Clinical Exchange works with your existing systems and workflow, it can require relatively less capital intensive, and therefore reduce the financial risks associated with higher cost alternatives.

We're experts in clinical exchange.
With the single largest clinical, financial and administrative information network in the nation, Emdeon is connected to 90 percent of hospitals and physicians, and has the ability to connect to virtually all pharmacies and payers.