Clinical Exchange Solutions connecting clinicians to pharmacies improving workflows and outcomes.

Pharmacies face relentless competitive, regulatory and reimbursement pressures. Emdeon can help relieve your administrative and technical burdens through our expansive connectivity and industry expertise that spans more than two decades.

Managing nearly 200 million clinical and pharmacy exchanges annually on the Emdeon Clinical Exchange Network, we are uniquely positioned to help deliver clinical, administrative and financial solutions through pharmacy management systems and across patient-care access points.

Want to learn more about how Emdeon Clinical Exchange can help you improve your business and clincial outcomes? Contact one of our clinical exchange experts today.

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Emdeon Clinical Exchange helps you:

Access Emdeon's certified EHR network
Emdeon empowers EHR systems with our interoperable solution, allowing you to connect with your clinician partners independent of their platform.

Help increase revenue
Emdeon Clinical Exchange can make it easier for healthcare providers to do business with you. Emdeon Clinical Exchange helps support your administrative and technical requirements as you expand into more diverse service lines.

Enhance patient safety
Emdeon Clinical Exchange can provide more intelligent medication reconciliation by providing patient medication history at the point-of-care. Emdeon Clinical Exchange can help improve patient safety and improve quality scores, while helping give you a competitive advantage.

Improve care coordination
With Emdeon Clinical Exchange, you can have access to the single largest clinical, financial and administrative health information network in the nation. Once connected, you will be able to exchange clinical information with other healthcare providers, resulting in better care coordination.

Increase operational efficiencies
Emdeon Clinical Exchange eRx Network® can automate all new prescriptions, refill requests and responses within your existing workflow. And because Emdeon Clinical Exchange is designed to be compatible with your existing systems, deployment can require relatively less capital expense, therefore reducing the financial risk associated with higher cost alternatives.

Leverage our expansive connectivity
Wherever possible, Emdeon establishes direct connectivity between prescribers and pharmacies. Emdeon's eprescribing network maintains direct connectivity to more than 15,000 pharmacies and reaches over 250,000 providers nationwide, as well as a growing number of public and private HIEs.

Why Emdeon

We are innovative.

Emdeon's pioneering medical billing, Intelligent Routing, web portal and electronic prescribing technology solutions can create more efficient processes in your pharmacy.

We're experts in clinical exchange.

With the nation's single largest clinical, administrative and health information network, Emdeon is connected to 90 percent of hospitals and physicians, and has the ability to connect to virtually all pharmacies and payers.

We provide outstanding support.

Emdeon is committed to delivering superior services for our pharmacies and their partners...a fact that is evident throughout our culture.

We are the network.

Emdeon's fully-redundant, dual data centers can provide uninterrupted, cost-efficient services to busy pharmacies and other healthcare providers.

We deliver a full suite of services.

In addition to clinical services, Emdeon provides a full range of administrative and financial applications designed to improve end-to-end pharmacy workflow and profitability.