Emdeon Clinical Exchange™

Uniting healthcare communities. Improving business and clinical outcomes.

From emerging coordinated care models to outcome-based reimbursement, healthcare is undergoing a dynamic transformation. Hospitals, physician practices, laboratories, pharmacies and payer organizations require greater connectivity with the ability to facilitate end-to-end clinical information exchange.

For over 15 years, Emdeon has helped healthcare providers enhance efficiency, coordinate care and improve outcomes. Emdeon has the know-how and the network to help you achieve your goals, now and in the future.

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Emdeon Clinical Exchange can help you:

Reduce Costs
Providers, payers, labs and pharmacies require a new solution. One that can require relatively less capital expense than higher cost alternatives, yet still provide robust capabilities and connectivity to facilitate a wide range of clinical communications. Emdeon Clinical Exchange is the solution.

Better Care Collaboration
Physicians and hospitals connected and engaged with payers, labs and pharmacies are better positioned to provide collaborative care. Connecting to Emdeon Clinical Exchange gives the ability to access virtually all pharmacies, more than 300 laboratories and hospitals and Emdeon's EHR Network which processes over 200 million clinical exchanges per year.

Improve Care Continuity
Healthcare organizations and ancillary service providers can improve continuity of care for patients with the ability to exchange both claims and clinical information. Emdeon Clinical Exchange can enable acute care facilities to obtain pharmacy-sourced patient medication history through a single, real-time inquiry. Payers can leverage existing eligibility transactions to identity potential gaps in care, enabling better outcomes for their members. And providers can exchange patient-centric Continuity of Care Records to improve transitions in care.

Prepare for New Delivery and Payment Models
Emdeon Clinical Exchange can give healthcare providers access to a broader set of clinical-based analytics. This information can provide the intelligence necessary to support key initiatives such as collaborative, accountable care and quality-based reimbursements.

Reduce Workflow Disruptions
Our solution can reduce or eliminate traditional barriers to large-scale integration projects. Emdeon can link your existing infrastructure to our Software as a Service (SaaS) based exchange, providing virtually instant clinical connectivity to the EHR systems we empower.

Drive New Revenue
Connecting to the Emdeon Clinical Exchange can help you maximize participation in value-based reimbursement programs, drive volume to laboratory and radiology centers and build your relationships with other healthcare providers. Emdeon channel partner customers have the potential to enhance financial benefits and have the ability to deliver high-value solutions to their provider customers.

Markets Served

Laboratories need clean and billable orders, every time. Emdeon Clinical Exchange can allow labs to implement custom clinical and business rules to drive the ordering process. The result? Cleaner orders and quicker results.

Hospitals and health systems utilize Emdeon Clinical Exchange solutions to share information with the broader clinical community enabling better care coordination, driving ancillary services volume and minimizing the technology footprint.

Pharmacies that leverage Emdeon Clinical Exchange are empowered to more actively engage with patients in coordinated care and help reduce administrative demands.

Commercial and government payers find that Emdeon Clinical Exchange can help improve clinical program performance, reduce gaps in care and empower clinical performance using their existing business processes and connections.

Channel partners can incorporate Emdeon Clinical Exchange within their practice management, EHR or HIE solution ultimately helping to enhance competitive advantages and provide potential cost-savings while helping create new revenue opportunities.

Why Emdeon:

We provide broad access to diverse sets of health information.
Emdeon is the single largest clinical, financial and administrative information network in the nation. In 2013, our network handled over 7 billion clinical and financial information exchanges.

We're experts in clinical exchange.
Emdeon is connected to 90% of hospitals and physicians and has the ability to connect to virtually all pharmacies and payers.

We drive insight.
Emdeon Clinical Exchange provides access to more information throughout patient encounters and robust analytics to help address the challenges of care coordination.

We can lower your financial risk.
Because Emdeon works with existing systems and workflow, the solution is less capital intensive and can reduce the financial risks associated with higher cost alternatives.

We're inside the EHR.
By connecting your existing infrastructure to our SaaS-based exchange, you can have virtually instant clinical connectivity to the EHR systems we empower.