Emdeon ClinicianRx

The Emdeon Clinician ePrescribing module, Emdeon ClinicianRx, is a web-based electronic prescribing solution that saves providers time and money while emphasizing prescription accuracy and patient safety first.

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Using a PDA or secure internet browser, prescribers have instant access to complete medication histories, drug formularies and drug information at the point-of-care. For patient safety, Emdeon ClinicianRx's drug utilization review notifies the prescriber of dangerous drug interactions and its electronic routing capabilities can transmit the prescription to virtually any pharmacy, reducing dispensing errors and unnecessary phone calls associated with illegible prescriptions. Seamless integration with any Practice Management System provides access to patient schedules and eliminates re-keying of patient information. ClinicianRx's approach to ePrescribing is to follow normal workflow, resulting in more efficient prescription management and improved patient safety.


  • New prescriptions
  • Refill requests
  • Powerful reports


  • Create prescriptions quickly and easily
  • Improve patient safety
  • Reduce adverse drug interactions
  • Ensure correct dosages
  • Access from virtually any web-enabled device
  • Improve formulary compliance