Consumer Billing & Payment Solutions

Emdeon provides integrated consumer billing and payment services that can help you improve cash flow and reduce billing costs - all with less effort and paperwork.

When you combine our statement printing, mailing and lockbox services with point-of-service, online and over-the-phone payment collection, you'll get more capability to accelerate collection of customer-owed amounts. Automating consumer billing and payment processes can also help you maximize efficiency freeing staff to pursue other revenue generating projects.

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More integrated.

Engineered for seamless compatibility, Emdeon Consumer Connect solutions ensure accurate, consistent customer billing and payment information across all communications. Interoperable solutions also work together to increase efficiencies and reduce customer service calls. Whether you are seeking a partner to produce insurance cards, financial statements or utility bills, Emdeon Consumer Connect can empower your organization with the right solutions to accelerate payment of customer-owed amounts.

Emdeon Consumer Connect

  • Experienced Customer Service Representatives
  • Assigned Account Managers
  • Form Mail Campaign Design Specialists
  • IT and Mapping Specialists
  • Production Analysts
  • Six Sigma Processes and Quality Control

Industries we serve:

  • Financial (Banks, Credit Unions, Collection Agencies)
  • Telecommunications
  • Utilities
  • Government
  • Waste Management
  • Insurance
  • Wholesale and Retail Distribution