Emdeon Document Archive

Emdeon Document Archive streamlines your patient response time, reduces file maintenance and reduces record storage. Through Emdeon Document Archive's 24/7 desktop file retrieval and viewing capabilities, you will easily view statements and documents online that mirror those sent to your patients. You'll resolve patient issues quickly with Emdeon Document Archive's fast access to high quality, full-color screen statements and documents. Instantly retrieve patient statements from your online browser.

Emdeon Document Archive features online document access service with full name, account number and date range search capabilities for patient documents. Choose the index and sorting option that works best for you. After you forward your billing files, we'll print and mail your statements and with Emdeon Document Archive, maintain your documents for two months or longer for your convenience.

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  • Online statement and document viewing
  • Statements and documents available on-demand for quick printing, mailing or emailing
  • Documents sent directly to you for retrieval and long-term storage on internal systems


  • Allows for instant response to patient queries
  • Provides more efficient patient communication
  • Enhances customer service
  • Facilitates faster payments
  • Reduces record storage maximizing floor space