Emdeon eCashiering

Emdeon eCashiering simplifies the payment process while improving operational efficiencies by providing an enterprise-wide approach to collecting patient payments. Authorized users now have the ability to accept co-payments, deductibles and pre-payments while simultaneously accepting payments for outstanding patient balances improving point-of-service collection workflow.

Emdeon eCashiering provides an integrated view of all patient payment activity and web-based access to the entire patient account enabling real-time processing of all credit card, check card and ACH transactions. Cash payments can also be collected and receipted with the Emdeon eCashiering Cash Drawer.

Real-time transaction-level reporting is provided along with custom data formats, including an 835 option, enabling automated updates to existing financial information systems. Emdeon eCashiering provides dashboard reporting of patient payment activity with infrastructure to support the entire cash management process including real-time receipting, tracking, auditing and performance reporting. Automatic posting of each day's payment activity directly into host financial systems is also provided eliminating the need for manual posting and reconciliation processes saving staff time.

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  • Patient payments from all locations within the enterprise accepted in real-time
  • Access to the entire patient account
  • All forms of electronic payment accepted (credit card, debit card, eCheck and ACH transactions)
  • All forms of physical payment accepted (cash, check and money order)
  • Comprehensive cash management system (audit, track and control patient payments)


  • Accelerates and increases patient collections
  • Increases speed of payment capture
  • Saves time by automating manual payment posting
  • Increases staff efficiency by enabling more employees to accept payments
  • Improves customer service leading to enhanced patient satisfaction
  • Provides dashboard reporting of patient payment activity (ability to track, audit and control all patient payments)