Emdeon ePayment Enrollment

Providers can switch from paper to electronic payments by enrolling in Emdeon ePayment in three easy steps! If you have questions about the enrollment process, please call 866.506.2830 and select option 1.

Step 1 - Initiate Enrollment
You have two options for enrolling online. The Emdeon ePayment Enrollment Form below offers a basic enrollment configuration and is recommended for smaller physician practices. For larger organizations that need more enrollment flexibility to enroll multiple NPIs with a wide variety of payers, we also offer an Emdeon ePayment Enrollment Wizard.

Emdeon ePayment Enrollment Form

To make enrollment a snap, open the online Enrollment Form which includes form fields enabling you to complete the form online, insert your digital signature and Click to eSign. Your completed enrollment information will automatically be transmitted securely to Emdeon via Adobe EchoSign and encrypted with full AES 256-bit SSL security.
Note: you are connecting to ALL payers. See Payer List

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Emdeon ePayment Enrollment Wizard

To get started, simply complete a short registration form. After your information is verified, you will receive an email with your username, password and instructions for completing your enrollment using the Emdeon ePayment Enrollment Wizard.

To expedite your enrollment, we recommend you submit your enrollment online. Or, you can simply download, print and mail your completed Emdeon ePayment Enrollment Form to the following address:

Emdeon EFT Enrollment Request
3055 Lebanon Pike
Ste. 1000
Nashville, TN 37214

Step 2 - Confirm Deposit to Verify Account
Call 866.506.2830 to confirm that a small deposit has been made in your enrolled bank account for verification purposes (deposit will be from Emdeon with the reference note "EFT Enroll").

Step 3 - Start using Emdeon Payment Manager to Search, View, Download and Print ERAs
You may access Emdeon Payment Manager online to search, view and print your payment and remittance advice for participating Payers. To learn more you can also view a quick tour of Emdeon Payment Manager.