Emdeon Clinical Exchange ePrescribe


Emdeon Clinical Exchange ePrescribe is a stand-alone ePrescribing application that connects physicians to pharmacies, saving time and improving patient safety by securely generating and routing electronic prescriptions. Write a script in as little as three clicks.

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  • Integrated drug-drug, drug-allergy and duplicate therapy screening
  • Automatic display of formulary alternatives
  • 3 click scripts - robust preferences manager
  • 1 click renewals
  • Ability to connect to virtually all pharmacies nationwide
  • Software-as-a-Service based delivery model
  • Interfaces with existing Electronic Health Records and Practice Management Systems
  • Real-time patient education and coupons

Emdeon Clinical Exchange ePrescribe helps you:

Reduce Errors
Helps reduce legibility errors and call backs with the clarity of electronic exchange.

Improve Patient Safety
Helps reduce Adverse Drug Events (ADEs) with automated drug interaction checking and improve formulary compliance with automated eligibility and formulary alternatives.

Improve Patient Satisfaction
Deliver real-time, prescription appropriate coupons and patient education materials to your patients

Reduce Phone Tag
Reduce phone calls with electronic renewal management.

Improve Patient Compliance
Help improve compliance with robust reporting tools, customized to your workflow.

Why Emdeon

Easy ePrescribing.
Emdeon Clinical Exchange ePrescribe is the easy way to manage your prescriptions. With our robust favorites management, you can authorize renewals with one click and write a new prescription with only three. Emdeon Clinical Exchange ePrescribe communicates with your existing electronic health record or practice management system making the process of managing prescriptions even easier.

We're inside the EHR.
By connecting your existing infrastructure to our SaaS-based exchange, you have virtually-instant clinical connectivity to the EHR systems we empower.

We're Patient Friendly.
Real-time, prescription appropriate information and coupons are available to give your patients. Save them money and provide them with relevant information to help in their care coordination.

We're affordable.
Emdeon operates within your existing systems and workflow, significantly reducing capital expense and the financial risks associated with other costly alternatives.