Emdeon Revenue & Reimbursement Analytics

As the diversity of payment options grow and health plans become more complex, providers require dynamic solutions to help uncover every possible avenue for reimbursement. The dramatic increase in the self-pay population has also made it more important for healthcare providers to verify key information at the outset of each patient encounter.

Emdeon Revenue and Reimbursement Analytics deliver automated batch screenings of patient account information so providers capture more revenue both before and after patient visits. These unique services leverage all available patient data to search for key information in government programs and payer databases resulting in increased revenue collection and reduced bad-debt write-offs for providers.

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  • Screen patients before scheduled visits
  • Perform fully automated processing
  • Fast turnaround on reports


  • Increase revenue
  • Reduce instances of incorrect or missing data
  • Streamline the registration process
  • Assist in improving up front collections

Emdeon Pre-Encounter Analytics

Emdeon Pre-Encounter Analytics can help "triage" patients' financial situations before they arrive by quickly and accurately obtaining eligibility and benefits information. Batches of patient data for the next day's scheduled patients are sent to the Emdeon health information network before the start of business thereby eliminating any manual work and delays at the time of patient registration.

Using logic driven searches that are tailored to each providers' needs and information on state specific search requirements, Emdeon returns user friendly reports with details on benefits eligibility, pre-authorizations, address verification and claim status to give providers the information needed to maximize revenue collection opportunities.

Emdeon Receivables Analytics

Emdeon Receivables Analytics enable providers to use batches of data to screen self-pay, bad debt and other patient receivables in order to collect more dollars. By systematically screening receivables on a recurring basis to identify retroactive coverage, Emdeon Receivables Analytics uncovers sources for patient and payer payments so providers can capture revenue that would otherwise be written off to bad debt or sent to costly collection agencies.

Emdeon DSH Reimbursement Analytics

Emdeon DSH Reimbursement Analytics utilize state-of-the-art technology to develop accurate calculations of eligible days for their DSH reporting needs. By processing hospital patient data, Emdeon is able to provide the critical Medicaid, Medicare and SSI eligibility documentation that is essential for preparing an accurate cost report. The thorough and efficient process Emdeon DSH Reimbursement Analytics delivers could provide a substantial increase in federal DSH reimbursement that benefits providers, patients and the entire community.