Emdeon ExpressBill Services

Emdeon ExpressBill Services provides clear, concise patient statements that leverage existing financial data to create effective patient communications. Emdeon ExpressBill Services encompasses the guidelines of HFMA's PATIENT FRIENDLY BILLING® and focuses on improving the quality of patient statements. Easy-to-read bills and statements educate patients on their financial responsibilities resulting in a higher payment rate and reduced customer service calls.

Emdeon ExpressBill Services' statements and invoices are designed to cut processing costs by shortening the time it takes to get a statement from you to your customer. Emdeon provides the very best in state-of-the-art bill printing so you can bypass conventional, time consuming folding, stuffing, and stamping statements. Conveniently, Emdeon allows you to transmit billing information electronically to one of our process, print and mail centers.

With Emdeon ExpressBill Services, undeliverable mail is reduced by utilizing Emdeon Address Correction Services featuring USPS NCOALink® technology. Emdeon ExpressBill Services also provides efficient processing, printing and mailing of clear, concise financial statements including postal pre-sorting and USPS® delivery.

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  • Intuitive statement design that encompasses the guidelines of PATIENT FRIENDLY BILLING®
  • Two processing sites minimize turnaround and reduce mail delivery time
  • Emdeon Address Correction Services featuring NCOALink® technology, licensed by the United States Postal Service, prevents mailing to incorrect addresses


  • Provides clear, concise financial statements
  • Reduces customer service calls
  • Helps you improve cash flow through prompt billing
  • Reduces the necessity of maintaining a large inventory of mailing materials
  • Decreases undeliverable mail and speeds collections by using the most current address information available

Frequently Asked Questions

How soon can I get started?
Get started today by contacting your Account Representative. We'll start the process of enrolling your facility immediately.

What file formats do you accept?
Nearly anything including database records and printer output files.

How fast are statements turned around?
Because we operate two large, high volume data centers, turnaround time is minimal - your documents are generally in the mail within the next business day.

What about stuffers and inserts?
Emdeon can provide custom inserts created especially for you, or use its inserting equipment for your existing forms.

Can I customize my statement?
Absolutely. And Emdeon offers design and conversion services if you need special forms, envelopes, or document merge.

What about mixed formats? For instance, portrait and landscape?
Emdeon can handle your requirements for special treatment of multi-page sets regardless of format.