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Between now and 2016, the healthcare industry is required to achieve compliance with several mandates resulting from the HIPAA and Affordable Care Act regulations. These regulations include:

  • ASC X12 version 5010 and NCPDP D.0
  • ICD-10
  • Eligibility and Claim Status Operating Rules
  • Health Plan ID (HPID)
  • EFT and ERA Operating Rules
  • Claims Attachments Rules
  • Claims, Enrollment, Authorizations Operating Rules

Emdeon recognizes the challenges of these mandates. As an industry leader, we are committed to helping our health care partners seamlessly navigate the path to compliance.

Emdeon has created HIPAA Simplified for this purpose. We intend for HIPAA Simplified to be a living site. We will update this site with new information and guidance as we approach the deadlines for these mandates.

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