Emdeon Patient Communications

Emdeon offers more companion print and mail services to help enhance public relations with inserts in patients' statements.

Custom Statement Explanation Inserts are used either when a client has just gone "LIVE" for the first time with a new statement format or when a current Emdeon statement format has changed. This product is designed to inform patients by means of visual communication showing the exact statement format plus highlighting its features. Our goal is to cut down on the number of phone calls providers will receive from patients inquiring about "how to read" their new statement. These inserts share postage and envelopes along with your patient statements, saving you time and money.

Emdeon also offers many other valuable services designed to make it easy and cost effective for the distribution of information to patients. Not only do we offer a full service graphics department to design custom inserts, we can also insert customer-supplied inserts providing they meet our insert guidelines. We can address general or specific patient information to your patients that currently do not have an account balance.

If you want to target a very specific audience for a special mailing call:

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  • Patient surveys or newsletters
  • Announcements of any kind (moving, adding new doctor, new location, etc.)
  • Notification of a change in policy
  • Notification of a change in affiliation with an outside company (insurance company, collection agency, etc.)
  • Highlight a new service or procedure now available to patients
  • Electronic recall post cards or recall letters


  • Enhances existing patient relationships
  • Promotes the providers' healthcare business while communicating general office information or raising awareness about health observances and topics