Emdeon Patient Access Master

With the continued rise in consumer-directed and high-deductible health plans as well as the growing self-pay population, more responsibility is falling on your patients to pay for their portion of healthcare costs prior to the actual time of service. Emdeon Patient Access Master is a suite of integrated Patient Access workflow tools that simplify the collection and validation of patient information to establish an effective patient financial record during or even before registration. Successfully establishing a financial record for patients proactively can assist providers in reducing risk of bad debt, denied claims, payer underpayments and can also help to more easily forecast charity care, strengthening the revenue cycle from the front-end to mitigate back-end reimbursement and payment challenges.

Configurable to industry best practices, Emdeon Patient Access Master enables you to establish a patient financial profile and verify eligibility and benefits information prior to a patient's scheduled visit, upon entrance to your facility, post release and 30 days out. From there, Patient Access Master can non-discriminately assess: address validation, healthcare risk score and estimated income. Emdeon Patient Access Master has the tools needed to financially triage your patients to help ensure full payment and accelerate your revenue cycle up-front to effectively address reimbursement and patient payment and help improve your bottom line.

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Eligibility & Benefits Verification

Emdeon Patient Access Master simplifies patient registration by automating eligibility and benefits verification tasks which can be performed in batch or real-time. Real-time eligibility and benefits verification is performed using technology from Emdeon Assistant or by interfacing directly with an eligibility module in your patient accounting system, with all results delivered conveniently in Patient Access Master.

Beyond 270 and 271 transactions, Patient Access Master also enables you to search the best data source for more comprehensive eligibility and benefits information, Government and Commercial payer websites. Using Emdeon's advanced technology, Patient Access Master delivers a configurable response in seconds.

Patient Responsibility Estimation

Emdeon Patient Access Master enables you to increase revenue collection, decrease Accounts Receivable (A/R) days and reduce patient bad debt by delivering accurate and timely information about patient collectible amounts in both batch and real-time formats. This capability gives quick access to estimates of patients' out-of-pocket expenses so your staff can inform patients of expected costs and collect funds during scheduling, registration, at time-of-service or at check-out.

Address Validation

Is your staff manually searching various directories to identify correct mailing addresses for your patient guarantors? Automate this process by verifying addresses with Emdeon Patient Access Master to increase accuracy of patient data as well as delivery of patient billing statements after care is provided if an outstanding balance remains.

Healthcare Risk Scoring

Emdeon Patient Access Master identifies the patient guarantor's healthcare risk score and estimated income enabling your staff to make informed decisions for appropriate action. Staff can collect balances before or after care for patients who can pay, and for patients that need financial assistance, they can be immediately triaged for enrollment in Medicaid or federal disability programs to help decrease bad debt and uncompensated care.

Medicare Medical Necessity Evaluation

Emdeon Patient Access Master simplifies the process of evaluating medical necessity for certain procedures with Medicare. This capability helps you proactively and efficiently reduce write-offs caused by procedures deemed medically unnecessary by Medicare.* In addition to quick response, Patient Access Master assists staff in the medical necessity evaluation process, including automatically triggering an Advanced Beneficiary Notice (ABN) for patient signature when needed based on information captured.


  • Web-based solution
  • Integrated Patient Access solution and workflow tools
  • Interfaces with most Hospital Information Systems and Practice Management Systems
  • Eligibility and benefits verification performed in batch, real-time and through payer websites according to best practices
  • Accurate estimates of patient financial responsibility generated
  • Address validation performed for data accuracy
  • Healthcare risk score identified to assist staff in making informed decisions
  • Medicare medical necessity evaluation simplified for certain procedures


  • Lowers uncompensated care and bad debt by evaluating virtually all possible payment options, payer, patient and recommendation for enrollment into Medicaid and federal disability programs, to improve the revenue cycle on the front-end
  • Access to the most Government and Commercial Payer connections in the industry and numerous credit bureaus from one partner
  • Delivers accurate information for a comprehensive patient financial record for payment decisioning and action
  • Enhances staff efficiency with intuitive workflow and prompts for appropriate financial triaging of patients

*Patient Responsibility Estimation information is an estimate only, not a guarantee of payment. Final claim adjudication and/or payment may differ. The estimate is based on currently available eligibility data and does not consider medical necessity, limitations or exclusions.

*Medical necessity is not a guarantee of payment. Final adjudication is determined by the payer.

  • We are working diligently to deliver solutions enabling our customers to meet   HIPAA 5010 requirements seamlessly!

    We are working diligently to deliver solutions enabling our customers to meet HIPAA 5010 requirements seamlessly!

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