Total Remittance Management

The ability to successfully apply cash is one of the biggest challenges facing providers today. Keeping up with checks, patient payments, ERA’s, EFT’s, Correspondence, EOB’s and various other documents puts increasing pressure on the financial goals of the healthcare billing office.

Emdeon Total Remittance Management (TRM) reduces the cost and complexity of a provider’s healthcare payment application. Through a blend of technology and services, Emdeon offers a holistic and comprehensive solution that facilitates, expedites and automates payment processing and posting activities.

TRM is a holistic and comprehensive solution that includes the following:

  • ERA Normalization service takes any payer’s Electronic Remittance Advice (ERA) and creates a provider - centric 835 allowing providers to auto post electronically available files that they otherwise could not.
  • Funds Verification neutralizes payers’ varying payment practices by offering providers the ability to automatically reassociate any payment to any remittance item, regardless of whether those items are issued in paper or electronic format, or arrive at different times.
  • EOB Paper Conversion utilizes a blend of technology and skilled revenue cycle experts to comprehensively convert paper EOB documents into post-able 835 data files.
  • Healthcare Lockbox is a complement to a provider’s mail handling. It is a bank agnostic, healthcare focused, solution designed for the advanced sorting and processing of healthcare paper documents, including: payments, remittances, zero pay denials and correspondence.
  • Correspondence Processing is a service that allows providers to efficiently process correspondence with fewer resources – saving time and money.

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  • Consolidates all remittance, payment, and correspondence items in a single source, healthcare focused solution
  • Reassociates remittance to claim and payment prior to posting
  • Allows standardized, funded remittances to be optimized according to provider-specific posting requirements
  • Provides automation across all remittance management processes, including: lockbox, clearinghouse, payment processing and workflow
  • Offers flexible configurations to streamline transaction processing and align with a provider’s Health Information System
  • Utilizes Emdeon’s Payment Manager portal to support all remittance and payment workflow activities


  • Reduces administrative costs through automation of manual processes
  • One relationship to manage
  • Integrates with a provider’s existing revenue cycle processes
  • Reduces multi-party handoffs, resulting in increased workflow efficiencies, greater quality and quicker processing times
  • Ease of use through a single portal
  • Accelerates Payment
  • Provides an all payer solution