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Change Healthcare Vision for Claim Management

Change Healthcare Vision for Claim Management is a powerful, web-based application that gives our partners powerful visibility into their clients' claims filing process. Change Healthcare Vision allows users to easily perform claim searches, quickly verify a claim's status and securely control customer access.

Change Healthcare Vision for Claim Management provides your customer service staff with an end-to-end view into all claims from the point of submission to Change Healthcare through payer adjudication. Change Healthcare Vision can also identify the disposition of the claim throughout the process. The powerful search capabilities within Change Healthcare Vision can quickly locate a claim and determine its status with user-defined search criteria.

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  • Visibility into all claims, accepted or rejected
  • Optional customer branding
  • Multiple search options with user-defined criteria
  • Numerous file output options, including PDF and Microsoft Excel®


  • Fast, easy end-to-end claim tracking
  • Helps resolve provider inquiries quickly and completely
  • Accesses claim status information on all claims, regardless of acceptance or rejection by Change Healthcare or the payer organization
  • Utilizes trending and summary information of claim volumes based on submitting provider, rejection rates and more
  • Integrates into virtually any customer service application

Customer Testimonials

Change Healthcare Vision is a very nice website with lot of features to help all our clients who submit claims through Change Healthcare. Clients do not have to read the RPT reports anymore as Change Healthcare Vision helps them to follow the rejections in a fast, effective and accurate way. Change Healthcare Vision is simple: enter in your search criteria, set your rules and view your results! We are happy to witness the evolution of this tool as a user friendly and based on the needs of the industry.

Giriraj Chandran

Change Healthcare has exceeded my expectations in providing us with the tools necessary to meet our customers' needs. We have noticed a significant reduction in the volume of support calls relating to electronic submissions. Change Healthcare Vision for Claim Management really simplifies the claim tracking process.  With the click of a button, our providers can investigate any claim they are interested in without calling for support.

Robert I. Jandorf
Software Unlimited, Inc.

I LOVE Change Healthcare Vision!!! I use it often to identify why claims were rejected and even get Change Healthcare reference numbers for an Change Healthcare ON24/7 case. I can see how many claims my customers are sending every day, how many are rejecting, etc. We're planning to use this new information to be proactive in managing our workload.

Lisa Kibe
Qualtiy Assurance Manager
Definitive Homecare Solutions/ CPR+

"Change Healthcare Vision for Claim Management is a wonderful solution. We started using it and benefitting from it immediately today! Thank you so much. Change Healthcare Vision will definitely drive down errors while accelerating and automating support for us as your channel partner. Keep up the awesome work!"

Dave Dugan
Chief Executive Officer