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Change Healthcare Vision for Claim Management

Change Healthcare Vision for Claim Management is a web-based application that gives payers visibility into the claim life-cycle, from submission to Change Healthcare through payer adjudication. Integrated into the Change Healthcare suite of solutions, Vision for Claim Management offers on-line images of paper claims, end-to-end claim tracking and claim status, as well as a variety of summary and detail claim reports.

Search capabilities enable payers to research claim information quickly based on key data elements such as provider organization, insured ID, insured name, combination of provider and insured, date of service or date submitted. Tracking and summary functions enable payers to analyze numerous aspects of claim data including claim volumes, submissions by provider, rejection rates, and more.

Want more visibility into the claim life-cycle? Let the healthcare efficiency experts review your business and apply our knowledge to your bottom line.

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  • Visibility into all claims bound for the payer
  • On-line images of paper claims
  • Tracking for all Change Healthcare claims, including those routed externally for re-pricing
  • Multiple search options with user-defined criteria
  • Fifteen months of claim history
  • Multiple output options for reports, including PDF and Excel formats


  • Resolve provider inquiries quickly and completely
  • Use the same tools providers are using
  • Fast, easy end-to-end claim tracking
  • Claim status information on all claims, regardless of acceptance or rejection by Change Healthcare or the payer organization

Customer Testimonials

"I LOVE Change Healthcare Vision for Claim Management!!! I use it often to identify why claims were rejected and even get Change Healthcare reference numbers for an Change Healthcare ON24/7 case. I can see how many claims my customers are sending every day, how many are rejecting, etc. We're planning to use this new information to be proactive in managing our workload."

Lisa Kibe
Quality Assurance Manager
Definitive Homecare Solutions / CPR+

"Change Healthcare Vision for Claim Management has assisted our department tremendously and I would definitely recommend this tool to others. Vision for Claim Management saves us time when completing various functions, including troubleshooting claim errors, verifying claim status and timely filing. Our customers will absolutely love its capabilities. Way to go Change Healthcare!"

Wanda Williamson
DavLong Business Solutions

"Change Healthcare Vision for Claim Management is a wonderful solution. We started using it and benefitting from it immediately today! Thank you so much. Vision for Claim Management will definitely drive down errors while accelerating and automating support for us as your channel partner. Keep up the awesome work!"
Dave Dugan
Chief Executive Officer